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   race horse still  Custom Race Horse Tack Since 1982

"Lundmark Bridles"are like Leather Race Bridles.  They Fit Great!!

Lundmark Bridles are a "Nylon-Type" Bridle that is Safer and has more Body.
The industry calls Lundmark Bridles "Nylon Bridles", but they are Not a pure nylon Bridle.
("In our opinion, a pure nylon bridle is an accident looking for a place to happen.")
Our Bridle webbing, like Leather, will Rip or Tear in an Emergency, it's our Safety Feature.
We use Stainless Steel Buckles and Solid Brass Hardware.

Lundmark Bridles come in Plain, 2-Tone Trim and Mini Trim Styles in 14 different Colors.
The Headstalls, Cavesons, etc. are made with 2 layers of 5/8" wide Webbing.
The Reins are 2 ply 1" wide webbing with an extra reinforcement from the Grip thru the Bit Loop.   There is an additional reinforcement in the bit loop.

Machine Washable   -  Super on Muddy Days.

"NEW"    Lundmark Bridles now has 11 colors of 1" Reingrips to match your Bridles.

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Click on pictures below to see larger image.

     Sm 3pc white bridle thumb  3pc Bridle w/Buckle Reins (Headstall, Caveson & Buckle Reins)

     sm 3pc 2-tone bridle thumb  3pc Bridle w/Buckle Reins in 2-Tone

     whi figure 8 thumb  Figure 8 - Fully Adjustable

     white shadow thumb  Shadow Roll - Fleece is sewn on and matches Webbing.

     white flash thumb  Flash Noseband - Also called Dropped Noseband. Strap is removable.

      We also make a Shadow Flash Noseband. Flash Strap is Removable.

     Keen thumb  Keen Martingale - For those heavy heads. Similar to a German Martingale. Click picture for more information.

     red-white noseband thumb   2-Tone Caveson. Nose Pad is in Trim Color.

     mini trim head & nose thumb   Mini Trim Headstall & Caveson. Trim Color only on center of Caveson and Browband - for just a touch of color.

     solid bib thumb   Solid Bib for a Martingale.     yoke thumb   Martingale Yoke

     red-white Bkl reins thumb   Buckle Reins 2-Tone     loop reins thumb   Loop Reins     twisted loop reins thumb   Twisted Loop Reins

    Steeplechase Buckle Reins - Longer 1" Reins with 30" Reingrips

    Draw Reins - 1" with 24" Reingrips

    3/4" Buckle Reins - Available in 4 colors, Reingrips up to 30" long.

    Shadow Flash Noseband.(Flash Noseband with a Shadow Roll)

#158. Keen Reins with Attachment  -  Similar to a German Martingale with buckle adjustments instead of tiny rings and snaps that break. Snaps onto Martingale.

Bridle Colors:   Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Purple, Lt Blue, Orange, Burgundy, Silver and Gold.

     Rein Grip Colors thumb   New!!  We now have 11 Reingrip Colors. Click on picture.
    Black, Bright Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Lt Blue, Pink, Purple, Brown and Old Brick (original standard color).

DO NOT BLEACH!! (Rots Thread and Bridle can fall apart)

Disclaimer:   Do Not Wash in Bleach !!!
   We are not responsible for damage caused by Bridles being washed in Bleach.   Bleach rots the threads and the Bridle can fall apart.

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Lundmark Bridles, Etc.

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