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Lundmark Leathers

"Lundmark Leathers" are "The Best".

We use Doubled Leather, a Doubled Nylon Lining and Stainless Steel Buckles.
"Lundmark Leathers" are Soft and Flexible like a pair of comfortable old Leathers that are already broken in.
We feel that "Lundmark Leathers" made in our own special way are Safer than other Leathers we have seen.

Our 1" Stirrup Leathers have 3 rows of stitching on each side.
#605.   1 x 42"
#610.   1 x 48"
#615.   1 x 54"
#620.   1 x 60"

1" Billets are made the same way including, 3 rows of stitching on each side.
#630.  Billets  

Our 3/4" Stirrup Leathers have 2 rows of stitching on each side.
#645.  3/4 x 36"
#650.   3/4 x 42"
#655.   3/4 x 48"
#660. 3/4 x 54"

When Safety Counts - Count on us.

Eventing Horse
  3 Day Eventers Love "Lundmark Leathers" !!!

With 3 rows of stitching on each side of the 1" Stirrup Leathers, you can see in plenty of time when they need repairs or replacement.
No ugly surprises while you are out riding.
We all know of someone who has had a Stirrup Leather break while they were out riding.
We don't want it to be you.

Think Safety - Take care of yourself.

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