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Miscellaneous Tack

Bad Boy or Lip Chain
#277.  Bad Boy Lip Chains.

Tough to take to the Paddock?   Is he a handful IN the Paddock?   Won't stand still while you pull his mane?   This will get his attention.   Straps attached to the Lip Chain fit over the Bridle and Buckle on the side.   The keeper is placed far from the Buckle, so you can quickly and easily make adjustments.     Available in all Bridle Colors.

Girth #280. Heavy Duty Contour Fleece Girths.       

Old Fashioned Heavy - Great for Breaking Babies or Cinchy Horses or for Girth Sores.   Girth sores have been known to heal up while using this girth and still keep riding.   We use Stainless Steel Buckles, Heavy Cream Fleece with padding and Elastics at both ends.  The Contour center and Nylon at the Buckles come in basic colors.   Available in several sizes.

3-tone Breastcollar #270. Breastcollars - with Felt on the Chest.
   Available in all Bridle Colors.. Pictured here in 3-Tone

Leather Top Halter #310. Leather Top Halters.
Leather Crowns Buckle on Both Sides of our 3 ply Nylon Halters. In a True Emergency, the Leather Crown will break - saving your horse from a more serious injury or even death. Available in basic colors.

Shank #350. 7' Double Ply Nylon Lead Shanks with 30" BP Chains.
  Available in basic colors.

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